Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mmm.. Office Shoes.. (aka Birthday Present Hints, Dave)

As I mentioned earlier today, Office have just relaunched their new website, and it's a bit swankier and easier to navigate than their old one. As such, I've spent a good half hour perusing their goodies, and thought I'd post my picks here (hint-hint, Dave).

The first that caught my eye were these tartan cuties in the popular 'Dolly' style. I love tartan - which probably correlates with the fact that I am NOT Scottish, thus don't mind wearing it as a trend (although, admittedly I own quite a lot of tartan because I just like it!). The best part - they're a very reasonable £29.99 - and Dave, if you buy before 20/11, you'll get 10% off!

A fabulous kick-back to the 80s, these electric-blue pointy heels would add some pizzazz to a Little Black Dress; or look equally cool peeping out from under a pair of jeans. I *love* wearing statement shoes, and these seriously fit the bill. At £20 a pair, I wouldn't mind two! (they also come in Gold and Red.. I'll have them too, please! ;)

Oh, they're meanies at Office! To my ruination, they have also released the 'Dolly' in houndstooth. I mean.. how could I resist the tweed-ish goodness? It's my kryptonite :( Unfortunately, these stunning shoesies are but £29.99.. that's cheap enough to make me want them so much it hurts. Dave, you'd better get these for me.. I think my credit card will kill me if I buy them myself!! ;)

ps. Just so you don't think I'm mad, Dave's my fiancee ;)

A Grey Moment..

Well, it's stopped raining for more than five minutes - FINALLY - so I'm hoping to get back to my walking program (45mins a night) now that it's not too miserable to do so!

With the rain gone (for now), I thought I would take this opportunity to dream / talk about two of my favourite things: suede shoes and grey. Grey - oddly - is one of my favourite colours, and I'm so pleased with the grey revolution in fashion right now. I know it's not necessarily everyone's favourite trend.. but TOO BAD! *I* like it. Ahem.

What I love about these shoes is that in grey, suede looks ever so beautiful.. it gives it a depth that shiny crinkly grey things just can't do. It doesn't help, either, that these lovely heels have a pretty floral applique. My love of all things embroidered / floral of late has been well documented... and they're a reasonable £49.99 from Office's brand spanking new website! Did I mention that there's 20% off today, due to the website launch? If only you could wear suede in the rain without ruining it.. *sigh*

Monday, October 30, 2006

Are You There, God? It's Me, Erin

Remember me? I'm the one who loves shoes. Speaking of which - if I've got a back-log of favours owing, good karma or what-have-yous, can I invoice you for these shoes?

I mean, they're so pretty, that they'll do me for years. Seriously! I'll work for free from here-on in! And they're only $375 from Jildor, so it's a pretty good deal, really!

Anyway - if you think it's a bargain, you know my size.

Erin xox

ps. If you think you owe me more than a pair of shoes, I know of a certain dress that would make my wedding even more special :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Viktor & Rolf / ASOS Love

There's been a lot of talk about the Viktor & Rolf collaboration with H&M here in the UK for quite some time, and we've just gotten a look at it. Catwalk Queen has already blogged about it, so I won't say much about the technicalities of it all.. but I love the series so much, I just had to show it to you!

Now, I'm not usually a heart-shape-loving gal, but I have to say that in this case, they really brighten up what would be quite plain designs. I am particularly enamoured with the pea coat, the two white blouses and the brown dress below.
I'm not sure of the prices, but if I'm going to invest, it'll be in that pea coat. Here's hoping that they'll actually have some in Glasgow / Braehead (the nearest H&Ms), and that Glaswegian girls aren't as savvy as the millions of fashionistas who'll undoubtedly descend on Oxford St when this collection is released on November 9th.

Finally - I have found the perfect shoes to go with V&R's collection! These gorgeous patent Mary Janes from ASOS with the cute heart-shaped buckle! Even if I don't go for V&R, I suspect these pretty little things will make it into my collection in the not-so-distant future :) If teal doesn't tickle you, they've also got them in black; but bear in mind that if you pinch that last pair of 7s in teal, heads WILL roll!


I've been working so furiously to put together a series of posts for Shiny Fashion, that I've gone two days without posting (or noticing that I hadn't posted! Oops!). That said, I'm really excited (still!) about blogging with Shiny, and I'm putting together a whole series of red carpet / holiday looks to suit all kinds of shapes, sizes and taste! :)

I've also been trawling through celebrity fashion / image sites keeping a keen eye out for nice shoes and bags that are being carried about - it's definitely honing my 'designer eye'.

I'm pretty tired, actually.. it's been quite some time since my last job, and I think my poor ol' brain has gotten lazy. Working on the blogs, making sure they're up to scratch, and constantly being on the look-out for things to blog about sure takes it out of me!

Also, the weather has been MISERABLE. I'm dying to do my evening walks, but it's been raining day and night the last three days, and the only thing more miserable than the weather would be to go walking in it :)

Other than that, I have little to report.. we're hoping to go up into the Highlands tomorrow for some picture taking and maybe a half-way decent hike (so bugger off, rain! OR DIE!).. we've been watching a lot of Veronica Mars (New favourite show. Lovelovelove).. and I really want to win a handbag from handbag.com's competition, but I'm losing sorely thus far! (damnit, thought that Paddington was mine!)

Aaaanyway, I'm going to pop up one last post tonight about some gooooooooorgeous shoes that I am dying to add to my collection.. then bed! Night night!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pleased as Punch!

Today was my first day as part of the blogging team at Shiny Media! I applied for a vacancy with the fabulous Shoewawa a few weeks ago, and although that role didn't come through (a missing blogger returned), I was offered a slightly different opportunity covering celebrity fashion for Shoewawa, The Bag Lady AND Catwalk Queen!!

I am VERY excited about this opportunity - although I must admit that I'm a little nervous. The Shiny team is stellar, very talented, and I can only hope that I'll measure up!

So far I've got one post up (being my first day and all), which you can view here. Over the next few weeks, you can also look forward to a series of 'Get Her Look' posts specifically for The Party Season! There's nothing I love more than glamming it up, and I can't wait to help other girls do the same!


Fashion Tragedy.

If you haven't gathered by now from my timestamps.. I'm a bit of a night owl. There's nothing like being awake, pottering about on various projects, while everyone around you is asleep. I love sitting by my window, watching the misty streets below; the yellow-orange streetlamps casting an eerie glow on the neighbourhood...

Incidentally - and this only recently occurred to me - the 'man in the moon' formation can't be seen when you're in Australia. I was quite shocked and delighted recently to look up to the full moon and actually SEE his 'face'! I'd seen it in illustrations, you see, but I didn't realise it was based on the real thing!

But I digress. Fashion tragedy. My poor, broken heart.

If you've been reading my blog, you will know about my love for the houndstooth coat I spotted a week or so ago in an email from ASDA. I've been hounding them with calls to find out when When WHEN(!) the coat would arrive, so I could hop onto my stallion and ride to the store to pick mine up.

It wasn't there on the 22nd (my mistake), it was due in-store on the 23rd.. then the 23rd passed, and the 24th, and still no joy (or coat).

Well today, by pure dumb luck, David and I had to go to ASDA because of a mistake they'd make with a photo order we'd put in (we ordered 38 photos, they gave us 15, we realised four days later). Anyway.. we marched on down, and while David did battle with the Photo Centre, I wandered down to George to see if the coat was there.

It was. Joy!

It was total shite. Sob!

This is the first time I've been disappointed since falling in love with the George Fast Fashion range, and it's dealt a heavy blow. The coat was a reasonable £32 (20% off until 29 Oct) - but the quality of the wool wasn't very good compared with other coats in the range; and while the cut was ok, the pattern nigh on blinded you.

I'm really disappointed, because it looked so lovely in the picture, and was such a reasonable price for a woolen coat. Fortunately, though, my pain was replaced by a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes for £18 that they had nearby ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lulu Yang Butterfly Dress

I saw this dress - entitled Butterfly, by Lulu Yang - way back in July, featured on the fab blog A Dress A Day, and it's one of those dresses that just stays with you.

I always mean to wear more dresses, and want to - but despite it being The Year of the Dress, and despite having purchased several dresses this year, I always seem to end up wearing skirts and pants (yes, with tops!) instead.

That said - all of that would change if I had this dress in my wardrobe. Erin (great name!), from A Dress A Day surmised that this fabulous concoction would be the perfect attire for some kind of butterfly-superhero. I surmise that it would be the perfect attire for ANYTHING! I would wear it to work.. the coffee shop.. out shopping.. to take out the garbage. It's that beautiful. I mean - imagine it! You could be having the worst day ever, but slip on this number, and you could transform into a wondrous, magical being!

Ok, so maybe I'm asking a bit much of this dress. But I'm having a trying day, and if just looking at and thinking about this dress can make me feel uplifted, then surely wearing it would be magical!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Dream Wedding Dress

Since getting engaged last April, I've found myself on low-level alert for all things wedding, even though I'm not going to be actively planning The Special Day until next year.

When we got engaged, though, I went a bit wedding mad, buying every planning book in sight, and scouring websites for dresses, hairstyles, table settings and sundries. I've picked up lots of great ideas that will be terribly helpful when it comes to purchasing things for the wedding and reception.. and I've even found the perfect dress.

Sadly, though, it's about $15,000USD more than I can afford, although I hope to find a decent replacement when I start seriously looking for a gown.

The designer of said dress is Claire Pettibone, and I have come to love many - if not all - of her designs. She loves using lace, and her gowns have a vintage 20s / 30s flavour of opulence and refined glamour - with a modern twist - that I find breathtaking. I particularly love that her styles would easily flatter a curvy girl like me.. and if it weren't for the price, the gorgeous Celeste would be hanging in my wardrobe right now.. *sigh*

Online Shops I Love -- Sock Dreams

As you have probably gathered, I do quite a lot of online shopping.. so I thought I would take this opportunity to share one of my favourites with you!

I have long been a bit of a shoe-nut, but a few years ago I fell in love with socks. Target in Australia was one of my favourite haunts, with loads of cheap and cheerful quirky numbers that would grace my feet as soon as I got home. When Susie Bubble, of Style Bubble blogging fame, mentioned Sock Dreams - a US-based online store for all things socks - my interest was piqued immediately.

I wasn't disappointed.

Sock Dreams is run by the lovely Niqkita who - once upon a time - was a girl whose feet were always cold. From that humble beginning came her online store, and it has grown and grown and grown! Most recently, Sock Dreams has been featured in the July issues of W and Cosmogirl, and I can only see her business becoming more and more successful!

When I have purchased from Sock Dreams, the quality has been great. What you see is what you get, and they have an exceptional range of pretty and funky staple socks and stockings for you to choose from. Their prices are very reasonable, and their international shipping costs are good too (they charged me a flat $10USD postage for about 8 pairs of socks, even though the actual cost was $14). They reply to emails quickly.. and.. well.. I just love them!

If you too love socks, I can't recommend them highly enough (just talking about them makes me want to buy the whole range!). The pretty socks featured above are O Chevrons in red for $10USD.

Holy Cow! Mou Calfskin Boot at ASOS

Mou - a brand favourite of Emma Watson, apparently - have recently teamed up with ASOS and are offering their range online. While their (now sold-out) sheepskin booties tickled my fancy, I couldn't help but shudder a little when I first saw these boots.

Now - I'm all for leather goods - particularly when it's 'recycled' - and I even (gulp!) like Uggs for their warmth and utility. But, try as I might, I just can't like these at all. It looks like a boot-shaped baby cow.. just a little *too* realistic for me. I keep expecting to see baleful eyes and hear woeful mooing. Ick.

If, unlike me, you can look past these attributes (or you like baby-cow-shaped things), you can pick them up for £180 from ASOS.

Disco Inspired Clutch at ASOS

I'm not entirely sure of what it was that drew me to this funky, disco-inspired clutch from ASOS. I like it's solid, constructed look.. I love the vibrant colour.. I love the easy-to-carry size.. and most of all, I love the price! I picked her up for £8 (less 15% discount) in the ASOS sale :)

I loved it so much, that rather naughtily, I bought it in this irridescent turquoise AND bronze!

Shopaholics Anonymous..

My name is Erin, and I'm a shopaholic. I'm addicted to bargains.. and have a particular weakness for ASOS sales. With my additional 15% discount in hand, I bought a bushel of apples.. if a bushel of apples is that lovely pin-tuck jersey shirt in brown (and in black.. eek!) for £10 :)

I love the shape of this top, and while I usually wouldn't go for a high-necked style, I thought that the shape was balanced out nicely by the little sleeves, thus wouldn't be overwhelming on me. I can't wait to wear it with a nice slim pencil skirt and vintage-style courts!

My second purchase was this lovely boxy clutch in faux alligator (don't generally go for the real stuff). It's the perfect 1940s style, and a lot more roomy than you might expect. I also have a lovely pair of pointy heels in a similar fabric.. and now that I come to think of it, the heels and clutch would look rather grand with the top above! For £8 (down from £15), I couldn't resist!

These were a bit of a last-minute, impulse purchase.. but they were so sweet that I couldn't help myself. I love angels and wings and shiny things, and I couldn't help but picture myself wearing them with the clutch, picking up on the gold accent of the clasp! For a very reasonable £6, I thought it was worth the risk!

Beautiful Suede Ankle Boot from Principles

I absolutely love this ankle boot by Principles. I didn't really get the ankle boot craze when it started - and there are still a lot of horrible ones out there (ewewew to wearing ankle boots with bare legs and short skirts.. YUCK!) - but when worn with dark tights and a 60s-style outfit, I think they can look lovely! Particularly in suede.

I particularly like the bow detail and pointed toe, but unfortunately at £75, these beauties won't be making it into my collection anytime soon. Still, a girl can dream.. and with a dear friend working at Principles, who'll soon receive her staff discount card, my dreams may well come true someday! ;)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My lovelies of the week!

I've gone a little mad this week with my spending.. very naughty, I know, but there have been some lovely bargains to be had with all the early Winter sales going on!

I haven't yet picked up the houndstooth coat from ASDA (it doesn't go on sale until tomorrow.. which I found out after driving 45 mins to my nearest one, grumble).. but I've managed to pick up some other bargains while I wait!

Yesterday, I purchased this beautiful cropped jacket from Miss Selfridge for £17.45, including postage, down from £50! (Hurrah for finding discount codes online)

My second bargain was a gorgeous black smock top from ASDA for a ridiculous £6, which made up somewhat for the houndstooth debacle. Unfortunately I can't find a picture online, and I'm too lazy to take a photo of it just now, so you'll have to take my word for it that it's lovely!

After the ASDA debacle, I popped into Matalan next door to ease my pain, and found a pair of these lovely patent heels reduced 50% to £5. I also picked up a patent pair of kitten heels in violet-blue for £4. I was tempted to get the maroon heels in black as well, but they weren't marked down.. and as it was bargain-hunting week for me, I thought it best to leave them on the shelf.

My final bargain of the week is a Kathy Van Zeeland handbag that I've been eyeing for a while at TK Maxx. I've really been liking Kathy's designs this past season or so.. they're quite stylish, a little over-the-top (like me!), with quite a nice range of designs available at reasonable discount (picked it up for £29.99). I do have a teeeensy picture of it to show you, but Blogger is being stupid and not inserting the picture, despite multiple attempts. As such, a description will have to suffice! It's a black hobo style bag, with a zillion pockets and stud details and a lovely bag charm to boot. Loads and loads of room, and quite a glam, but understated look to it.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dune 'Woochie' Cream & Gold Peep-Toe Stiletto

I might've been mad buying these lovelies from Dune a few weeks ago. They're about a 5-inch heel, insanely difficult to walk in for a flats-loving girl like me.. but when I saw them, I just HAD to have them! It's sometimes difficult living so far from my friends and family in Oz, especially as I'm trying to plan my wedding, which will take place next July! I don't feel as if I can buy a wedding dress without my league of bridesmaids / mother / sisters in tow.. but at the same time, NOT focussing any time or energy on purchasing my wedding was making me feel as if the whole thing was an unreality.

And so, to remedy my tricksy situation, I decided not hold off on buying accessories for the day! So these were a very special purchase - to wear with my wedding dress - because they were a perfect blend of beautiful and vintage-ish style, and they make me stand up straighter and taller than I ever knew I could! Sadly, they're not available online anymore (I got them for a steal, at £52 reduced from £75), but I just wanted to show 'em off!!

My next purchase will be this gorgeous tiara by Irish jeweller Tara, which I spotted on my travels in Ireland. Sadly the one that I found was a second and was missing some stones, otherwise I would have snapped it up then and there!
My heritage is predominantly Irish, and I have loved the claddagh since I was in my early teens (I've worn a gold claddagh since my parents gave it to me for Christmas in 1995!), and I have a lovely bracelet and necklace - also by Tara - that would look perfect for my wedding :)
I'm having some difficulty tracking down a retailer, sadly, although there's a US seller on eBay offering a pretty good price on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, won't you? It really is the *perfect* tiara for me!

Fendi Green Borsa Chef Bag

A few years ago, I spent a lot of my spare time knitting. It was a stressful period of my life, and I found the rhymthm of the clicking needles cathartic. I may only have gotten around to knitting scarves - which made excellent gifts for friends and family! - but I was devastated when I had to stop because of a wrist injury.

My wrist is well on its way to being healed, and I have started to feel a pang for knitting once more. Perhaps it's all the lovely chunky scarves in the stores, or that I have a lot of spare time on my hands (cough, cough), but it's like a call of the wild for me. As such, when I saw this bag - only available for 'hire' through Fashion Hire - I let out a gasp of delight. It's knitted, it's a lovely shade of green.. and rather unusual in and of itself!

Of course, I can't find it for purchase anywhere, and being Fendi I'm sure it'd be out of my price-range anyway.. so I'm left wishing that I was a more talented knitter, so that I could create a similar (and larger) version of my own.

Moschino Tweed & Embroidered Court Shoes

If you told me that I could have but one more pair of shoes before I die, I would choose these. These gorgeous shoes by Moschino are my ultimate dream shoe, and I live in hope of their being reduced in a sale to a more reasonable price.

I love the houndstooth tweed. I love how the embroidered and crocheted roses set off the colouring so beautifully, and that they are perfectly off-set by the red heel. I even love the polkadot detailing on the lining of the shoe. This is the kind of shoe you'd run away with on the night before your wedding, leaving your broken-hearted fiancee standing altar without you. Sad? Perhaps. But there's no stopping true love!!

If you've won the lottery, or you're endowed with a happier bank account than mine, you can buy these luscious babies from Zappos for $428.95USD.

P.S. If any generous benefactors are out there waiting to bestow shoes upon a friendly but destitute woman, here's your chance! :)

Halloween Shoes by Kurt Geiger

Ok, so they're really called Camara, but wouldn't they make the perfect witch shoes ever?? If you're like me, and you like to dress up (I have been known to theme parties around a gown / outfit I love), then these shoes would be perfect. They're quite mary-jane-esque, with a nice sturdy heel and in lovely leather. Best of all, they're down to £29 from £70.. so even if you do just wear them for fancy dress, it wouldn't be such a bad thing!

In keeping with the fancy dress theme, I just *looooove* these victorian-styled boots, also from Kurt Geiger - and appropriate for a 'Halloween themed' post, they're called Wendy. I know that Wendy isn't officially a witch-name, but for some reason it works nicely, doesn't it - Wendy the Witch! They're £120 and available in navy and black. My vote's on navy!

Finally - and yes, I know I'm going a bit mad on Kurt Geiger items today - but I think these boots - Lorca by Chie Mihara - are rather cool.

They're definitely vintage-looking, and the skirting and bow brighten up what would otherwise be a very plain boot. I think they'd look great with a victorian-inspired outfit, but sadly, they're a bit out of my price-range - £275 at KG.

Gorgeous Houndstooth Coat That WILL Be Mine!

Oh, houndstooth, houndstooth, my kingdom for some houndstooth.

Yes, I know it's lame of me, but I can't tell you how much I love this pattern. Perhaps it's my love of all things 30s & 40s; or a fixation on twee-ish, Blyton-esque things; who knows! All I know is that I want this coat, and I want it bad!
The most fantastic thing about this coat, however, is not it's lovely tailored, nipped-in shape; its lovely lapels; or even it's gorgeous print.. The best thing is that it's a mere £32 from George at ASDA!! Yes, that's right! £32! Even in Aussie dollars, that's a bargain of a coat! Sadly, at this price, I doubt it'll last long. I for one will be traipsing to my nearest ASDA tomorrow to get mine! Race ya!

Marks & Spencer Make Good!

UK Fashionistas have been talking lately.. and it's in tones of surprise at the fabulous limited edition collections that have been cropping up at Marks and Spencer! Usually known for their dowdy, older-woman styles; they've been pulling out all the stops to capture a younger market, capped off with fun advertising campaigns featuring Erin O'Connor and Twiggy.

One of my favourite things about their range this season is the proliferation of fabulous hats! Everyone has a fashion era that they tend to lean towards, and mine has always been the 1930s-40s, when hats were de rigueur, and a lady would never leave the house without one atop her perfectly coiffed hair!

My favourite is this gorgeous grey beret, with sequin and beading detail. I loved it so much that I spent a week in London searching every M&S I passed, hoping that they had it in stock - to no avail - and ended up having to place a special order in my local M&S to get it! I'm a big fan of berets. They're simple, classic and a perfect way to top off a chic outfit.. and of course, the added sparkle appealed to my inner magpie! At £10, why wouldn't you?

Another that caught my eye was this stunning black sequin beret. It's not hitting stores until November, but I think I might pre-order it, because it would give a fantastic 20s twist to any outfit. If you're interested, it's available for £15 online!

Grey Ribbed Leg / Arm Warmers from Matalan

Autumn is my favourite Season. I love the crispness of the air, the cool nights for snuggling, and the turning of the leaves. Spending a week driving through Ireland's mists, moors and gorgeous Autumnal colours has REALLY put me in the mood, so all my offerings today are going to be cosy ones :)

These lovely grey leg / arm warmers from Matalan are something that I have in my own wardrobe. They're a bit small as leg warmers, but happily make the most gorgeous arm warmers I've ever seen! The pretty ribbon detail makes them a bit special in my eyes (rather than looking like school-kid's knee socks!), and they have a cleaner look than some of the knitted arm warmers I've seen in the past which tend to pill. For £2 you really can't go wrong! I just wish my branch of Matalan stocked them in black as well! Then my life would be complete.. ;)

Well, given the amount of rain we've been seeing here in "sunny" Scotland (rain is Scottish sunshine, you see!) - I'd say that Autumn is well and truly underway!

As an Aussie ex-pat, used to scorching Summers and mild Winters, I must say that I do feel the cold. As such, every time I see a cosy pair of slippers, my brain starts firing 'happy' signals, and I have to inflict some serious self-control to stop myself buying... but that doesn't mean I have to stop blogging!

As such, I have these cutesy offerings for you from ASOS! They look squidgy and cosy and warm.. and they're knitted! And cats! You know, at only £8 they may well make it into my slipper stash!! :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're off to Ireland for a week, and I'm VERY excited! While my heritage is a bit of a mixed breed, there's a strong vein of Irish running from both sides of my family :) We're even going to visit a little town called Golden, about 55miles from Cork, from which my great-great-grandmother emigrated to Australia! Tres cool :)

And so, I thought I would leave you with a picture of some traditional Irish dancing shoes! I will do my best to post while we're on the road, but it will be heavily dependent on 'net connection :) If I don't see you, have a fab week!

And, if you happen to be in the market for some traditional Irish dancing shoes, you can order these babies from Fay's Irish Dancing Shoes for $65, hand-crafted and direct from Dublin!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Mmmm Tweed Ballet Flats from La Redoute

Before ballet flats became de rigueur, I was already in love with the style, and wore my plain black leather flats all over town. Unfortunately, Australian stores at the time didn't offer a great range of styles, so when I came to the UK - miles ahead in fashion, with flat shoes EVERYWHERE - I went a bit mad. Of course, by that stage, I'd discovered pointy flats, and my round-toed shoes were buried in the back of my wardrobe.

But it seems that my heart is leaning in their direction once more. I have seen some incredibly beautiful round-toed flats recently, and La Redoute is currently leading the race for domination of my feet! These gorgeous little tweed flats tickled my fancy because of the lovely jewel adornment. Not quite as high on my wish list as the embroidered velour ones I posted about earlier, but lovely nonetheless!

La Redoute Velour Ballet Flats

They say that you can never have too many ballet flats, and these pretty flats are the perfect excuse for indulging in another pair! While floral designs tend to be associated with Spring, the black velour sets off the embroidery nicely, giving the shoes a more Autumn-like feel. If you're looking to add to your collection of flats, you can pick up these lovelies for £45 from La Redoute.

(I can't express how much I LOVE these shoes. Fingers crossed people will avoid them because they're velour, and I'll be able to pick 'em up for £10 in a month or two! :)))))))

Topshop Green & Yellow Square-Toed Pumps

As an Aussie ex-pat, I'm all for things Green & Gold (ok, yellow.. snerk), but I can't help but feel that these Topshop offerings would be best reserved for post-match rugby parties! That said - £35 for a nice leather court shoe ain't bad - and they also come in a less garish combination of red and black or black and white. If you're looking for some nice low heels to funky up your work-day, then these might just do the trick!

Prada Woven Goatskin Mary Jane Platforms

Some people dream in colour. Some dream in black and white. I like to think I dream in designer - but sadly this dream's nightmarish. These Prada platforms seriously remind me of some woven chairs my grandmother had back in the 80s. In fact, I think the platform portion of the shoe might BE their reincarnation! Still, if you think they merit their description as 'classic and distinctive shoes to take you to top-tier style', they're available at 20% off retail for $592 from Bluefly.

Strutt Contrast Peep-Toe Heels at ASOS

I've always thought it peculiar that Autumn in the UK goes hand-in-hand with both suede and sudden downpours. Still, if you're willing to dice with danger (or have some great water-proofing spray handy), then you might like this suede and snakeskin offering from Strutt Couture. Sky-high? Check. Peep-toe? Check. Perfect for a glamourous Friday night on the town? Check! If you love these babies, and have cash to spare, you can pick them up at ASOS.com for £195. Sadly, I'm going to have to keep hoping for a lotto win.

Shoewawa.. :)

To get things moving, I've decided to post a couple of 'test blogs' that I recently submitted to Shoewawa, in the hope that they might let me fill a blogging vacancy with them! It's one of my favourite sites, so my fingers are going to be permanently crossed until I hear back!

The posts will be slightly more formal than the rest of my posting may be, but they're about some interesting shoes I've seen on my journeys, and I thought they'd make an excellent start for this blog! :)

(and yes, if you're wondering - I think Oliver would have been much better off with shoes than food!)


My New Blog!

Given my dogged love of all things fashion, I've decided to start my own blog
chronicling my adventures!

My name is Erin, I'm an Aussie living in Scotland, and I'm a complete magpie when it comes to clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery. That is, if it sparkles, it's quite likely to make it into my nest ;) I love making jewellery, I have too many shoes, I'm vintage-obsessed, and I collect antique brooches - favouring art deco and art nouveau styles.

Outside of fashion, I love reading, writing, dreaming, and crime shows. I'm rarely without bright-coloured nails (my favourite is cherry red), my favourite season is Autumn, I watch far too much television, I'm a geek (loooove Potter and LotR), and I am obsessed with clutch handbags :)

Anyway, if you stumble upon my blog, I hope that you enjoy what you read! Feel free to ask questions, make comments or dance naked in the moonlight! Whatever boils your kettle :))))