Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mmm.. Office Shoes.. (aka Birthday Present Hints, Dave)

As I mentioned earlier today, Office have just relaunched their new website, and it's a bit swankier and easier to navigate than their old one. As such, I've spent a good half hour perusing their goodies, and thought I'd post my picks here (hint-hint, Dave).

The first that caught my eye were these tartan cuties in the popular 'Dolly' style. I love tartan - which probably correlates with the fact that I am NOT Scottish, thus don't mind wearing it as a trend (although, admittedly I own quite a lot of tartan because I just like it!). The best part - they're a very reasonable £29.99 - and Dave, if you buy before 20/11, you'll get 10% off!

A fabulous kick-back to the 80s, these electric-blue pointy heels would add some pizzazz to a Little Black Dress; or look equally cool peeping out from under a pair of jeans. I *love* wearing statement shoes, and these seriously fit the bill. At £20 a pair, I wouldn't mind two! (they also come in Gold and Red.. I'll have them too, please! ;)

Oh, they're meanies at Office! To my ruination, they have also released the 'Dolly' in houndstooth. I mean.. how could I resist the tweed-ish goodness? It's my kryptonite :( Unfortunately, these stunning shoesies are but £29.99.. that's cheap enough to make me want them so much it hurts. Dave, you'd better get these for me.. I think my credit card will kill me if I buy them myself!! ;)

ps. Just so you don't think I'm mad, Dave's my fiancee ;)


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