Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dune 'Woochie' Cream & Gold Peep-Toe Stiletto

I might've been mad buying these lovelies from Dune a few weeks ago. They're about a 5-inch heel, insanely difficult to walk in for a flats-loving girl like me.. but when I saw them, I just HAD to have them! It's sometimes difficult living so far from my friends and family in Oz, especially as I'm trying to plan my wedding, which will take place next July! I don't feel as if I can buy a wedding dress without my league of bridesmaids / mother / sisters in tow.. but at the same time, NOT focussing any time or energy on purchasing my wedding was making me feel as if the whole thing was an unreality.

And so, to remedy my tricksy situation, I decided not hold off on buying accessories for the day! So these were a very special purchase - to wear with my wedding dress - because they were a perfect blend of beautiful and vintage-ish style, and they make me stand up straighter and taller than I ever knew I could! Sadly, they're not available online anymore (I got them for a steal, at £52 reduced from £75), but I just wanted to show 'em off!!

My next purchase will be this gorgeous tiara by Irish jeweller Tara, which I spotted on my travels in Ireland. Sadly the one that I found was a second and was missing some stones, otherwise I would have snapped it up then and there!
My heritage is predominantly Irish, and I have loved the claddagh since I was in my early teens (I've worn a gold claddagh since my parents gave it to me for Christmas in 1995!), and I have a lovely bracelet and necklace - also by Tara - that would look perfect for my wedding :)
I'm having some difficulty tracking down a retailer, sadly, although there's a US seller on eBay offering a pretty good price on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, won't you? It really is the *perfect* tiara for me!


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