Monday, January 08, 2007

And So It Begins...

Well, I'm safely in Australia, although our travel was not without some unexpected adventure. On the Dubai-Singapore leg of our flight, we had not one but TWO people die; but a third who almost bit the dust when he was given food that had sesame seeds / oil in it. Fortunately, the stewards had a few epi-pens handy, and he was alright, but I was bloody glad to be off that plane!!! I also had a bit of a Deep-Vein Thrombosis scare, and while one of my legs is still a bit funny, the ultrasound didn't pick up any clots! Phew! So now I'm sweating it out in the awful humidity, wishing for a bit of that Scottish rain! ;) Ah, the grass. It's always greener, I tells ya!

I've been pretty busy over the past week, since arriving here - my bridesmaids already have be running about organising this wedding, and while it's fun at times, I'm starting to see the benefits in eloping! I'm considering wearing my grandmother's wedding dress (which my mother also wore), as it's in gorgeous vintage Italian brocade from the early 1950s... but I just have to fit in it! We'll see!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about The Hunt for the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress, because it's a fashion adventure in and of itself. I'm very fortunate that my BMs are all pretty easy-going - so the hunt is more fun than daggers - but with three girls of all different shapes and sizes, finding a style that suits everyone has been quite the challenge. Although we found some lovely ready-made options that should suit all three, I've also been checking out dress patterns, and considering having gowns made. My favourite (of four) patterns is this absolutely stunning strapless A-line gown. In fact, if someone out there could find me the fabric in the picture, it's perfect in and of itself, so bring it on!! Definitely a 'different' choice, but I love the elegant shape - and especially the gorgeous little wrap!

Another style that caught my eye was this gorgeous 'Vintage Vogue' pattern, for a gown designed by Oscar de la Renta. Obviously renowned for his designs (and highly coveted), I love the simplicity of this style, although with all the boning and ruching, I suspect it's actually quite an advanced project! The shorter styling reminds me of something Carrie wore in SatC, although I think I'd prefer the longer version as we're having a Winter wedding. Nonetheless, it's gorgeous, and I'm so pleased I was able to get the pattern, as it's been discontinued completely, and one store had one pattern left in the sizing I needed! Huzzah!

The third style to capture my attentions was this slightly more 'classic bridesmaid' gown, which I like because you can create a number of styles from the one pattern. Should we go with this style, I'm rather enamoured by the maroon design - the fishtail skirt and strapless line is quite gorgeous, and would really suit the colours that I am leaning towards - royal purple, lavender or olive green. I also like that it's a skirt / bodice style, which makes it much easier to fit to 'real' bodies, because seriously - I know around two or three girls who can just walk into a ready-made dress and have it fit properly! Tsk, oh ready-made makers of clothing!!

The final gown is one that I am completely in love with, but definitely won't be the dress I choose for my BMs. In fact, if my grandmother's wedding dress doesn't suit me, I am going to have this one made in creamy white! It's difficult to see the detailing in this picture, but rosettes run from the centre of the bodice right around to the back, with ruching creating a gorgeous train, perfectly suited to a wedding gown. You can make a detachable shrug, which gives you a beautiful decolletage, and I even love the styling of the model's hair. Perfect vintage beauty. Completely up my street!

In any case, I'll keep you all posted about my adventures over the coming months (and beyond!). And I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you a terribly belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you fabulous people out there! (esp. Glitterati, and apologies for this being so late!! What with all the international moving, I didn't think you'd mind xx ;)


At 11:58 pm, Anonymous Amber said...

Oh, I LOVE that top dress! And also the Vogue one, which I would totally have for myself, if only I could sew. Love them all, really. I'm just about to embark on the search for a bridesmaid dress (no adult bridesmaids for me, just a little flower girl), but it won't be nearly as exciting as yours because, well, she's seven years old. Still, I have enough problems clothing myself, never mind other adults, so maybe this is for the best!

Glad to hear you're enjoying being home. Still very jealous: you'll be pleased to know the weather over here is as bad as ever!

At 5:34 am, Blogger Karinaxoxo said...

OMG I'm doing the Syd to London flight in 2 weeks (I'm moving to London...) and I'm now scared.
hehe :-)


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