Saturday, October 21, 2006

Halloween Shoes by Kurt Geiger

Ok, so they're really called Camara, but wouldn't they make the perfect witch shoes ever?? If you're like me, and you like to dress up (I have been known to theme parties around a gown / outfit I love), then these shoes would be perfect. They're quite mary-jane-esque, with a nice sturdy heel and in lovely leather. Best of all, they're down to £29 from £70.. so even if you do just wear them for fancy dress, it wouldn't be such a bad thing!

In keeping with the fancy dress theme, I just *looooove* these victorian-styled boots, also from Kurt Geiger - and appropriate for a 'Halloween themed' post, they're called Wendy. I know that Wendy isn't officially a witch-name, but for some reason it works nicely, doesn't it - Wendy the Witch! They're £120 and available in navy and black. My vote's on navy!

Finally - and yes, I know I'm going a bit mad on Kurt Geiger items today - but I think these boots - Lorca by Chie Mihara - are rather cool.

They're definitely vintage-looking, and the skirting and bow brighten up what would otherwise be a very plain boot. I think they'd look great with a victorian-inspired outfit, but sadly, they're a bit out of my price-range - £275 at KG.


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