Saturday, October 21, 2006

Moschino Tweed & Embroidered Court Shoes

If you told me that I could have but one more pair of shoes before I die, I would choose these. These gorgeous shoes by Moschino are my ultimate dream shoe, and I live in hope of their being reduced in a sale to a more reasonable price.

I love the houndstooth tweed. I love how the embroidered and crocheted roses set off the colouring so beautifully, and that they are perfectly off-set by the red heel. I even love the polkadot detailing on the lining of the shoe. This is the kind of shoe you'd run away with on the night before your wedding, leaving your broken-hearted fiancee standing altar without you. Sad? Perhaps. But there's no stopping true love!!

If you've won the lottery, or you're endowed with a happier bank account than mine, you can buy these luscious babies from Zappos for $428.95USD.

P.S. If any generous benefactors are out there waiting to bestow shoes upon a friendly but destitute woman, here's your chance! :)


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