Sunday, October 29, 2006

Viktor & Rolf / ASOS Love

There's been a lot of talk about the Viktor & Rolf collaboration with H&M here in the UK for quite some time, and we've just gotten a look at it. Catwalk Queen has already blogged about it, so I won't say much about the technicalities of it all.. but I love the series so much, I just had to show it to you!

Now, I'm not usually a heart-shape-loving gal, but I have to say that in this case, they really brighten up what would be quite plain designs. I am particularly enamoured with the pea coat, the two white blouses and the brown dress below.
I'm not sure of the prices, but if I'm going to invest, it'll be in that pea coat. Here's hoping that they'll actually have some in Glasgow / Braehead (the nearest H&Ms), and that Glaswegian girls aren't as savvy as the millions of fashionistas who'll undoubtedly descend on Oxford St when this collection is released on November 9th.

Finally - I have found the perfect shoes to go with V&R's collection! These gorgeous patent Mary Janes from ASOS with the cute heart-shaped buckle! Even if I don't go for V&R, I suspect these pretty little things will make it into my collection in the not-so-distant future :) If teal doesn't tickle you, they've also got them in black; but bear in mind that if you pinch that last pair of 7s in teal, heads WILL roll!


At 1:45 am, Blogger The Glitterati said...

Oh Lawdy, you mean to say that this new collection will be hitting stores mere days before I get to the UK??? Because I could seriously fall for the trench, the pea, the blazer & the rose skirt (oh god the blazer & skirt!) and... aw heck, I'd better be just packing half a suitcase on my way over, huh?

And yes, I know we have H&M in Toronto. But buying it from the UK means it's, like, justified. Right? ;)

Oh! And we're the same shoe size! Cool!

At 3:07 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Awesome :)

Well, we'll definitely make a detour to H&M in Glasgow!! I just hope there's some left by the time you get here!

Ooh, we'd better do this shopping trip ;) It'll be *too* fun :D


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