Monday, December 18, 2006

Heels with a bit o' Rrrrrawr!

Irregular Choice is one of those brands that you will either love or hate. Although some of their recent offerings have left me fearing for my life, I've crossed into the omgfangirlsquealylove for their shoes, because not only are they 'a bit different', but their designs are kitsch and cute in a way that makes you smile.

Take these fabulous heels, for example (thanks to TrainieBagLady on the forums!). They're knitted, and we know how nuts I am about knitted things. They have leopard print soles, and I'm nuts about 'hidden' (or not-so-hidden) detailing in my clothes and accessories. And they're TIGERS. TIGERS! Now, I don't know about you, but there's something in these shoes that make me grin like mad. They're definitely not for the faint-hearted, and some people may mock you for wearing them.. but they're just so darn cool, that I wouldn't care!

As the lovely Emma put it - imagine you're having a bad day.. but then you look down at your feet and see the tigers looking back at you.. perfect for making you smile! You can't do much better than that when it comes to shoes! I Heart You, Irregular Choice!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Happiness is an Erin with faux designer goodies!

Well, howdy, strangers! Time flies when you're working your backside off blogging and packing your entire life into boxes, I tell you! Apologies for my extreme lack of updating lately, but December has turned out to be an incredibly busy month. I've been doing loads of blogging over on the Shiny sites, which is great, but takes up almost all of my time; and then there's the move back home to contend with! Yes, folks.. this Aussie is taking her frost-bitten self back to the land of sunshine and horrendous drought (worst in 1000 years, they tell us). I'm a little nervous about going, and I'm going to miss the UK High Street a LOT.. but you can expect to see plenty of blogging about my fashion adventures in Oz!

Now, you may remember my love-hate relationship lately with Lin & Leo, whose laptop bags are beauteous but out of my budget (£169! On a blogger's income?! I wish!). Well, I finally found an alternative that I could afford (read: 'Dave bought it for me for Christmas')! After Amber pointed me towards Lush Fashions, who unashamedly copy designer 'it' bags, I found this perfectly-sized overnight bag, which is a 'take on' (hahah, copy of) Balenciaga's Arena Hook bag (as seen on Lindsay Lohan, but don't let that put you off!). I'm not that fussed about Balenciaga, truth be told - and in the end, it was the size and price that sold me on this one (£69 on eBay)!Not only does this bag fit my laptop (which was my primary concern), but I've managed to stuff in my "good" jewellery collection (my costume jewellery goes home on the boat, as opposed to the plane); my toiletries and sundries to see me through the 32-hour flight; presents for my family and friends; a jumper, a squishy pair of ballet flats and cosy socks; two books; and my important documents! Of course, all of this weighs a little more than my allocated 7kg, but here's hoping I can blag my way through security without being sent home to repack! (My absolute worst nightmare. No joke.)

My second fabulous find of the month - and all thanks to the marvelous Amber - is also from Lush Fashions, being their blatant rip-off Paddington-inspired 'Coffee Bean Padlock bag'! I have long lusted after the stylings of the Chloe, but at almost £1000 (I'd have to want the metallic-coloured ones that are over £200 more, wouldn't I?), it's something that I will never be able to afford. Step up Lush, and now I have a reddish-brown, gorgeous handbag that I love, which only differs from The Real Thing in price and a few extra stud details! I'm really pleased with this handbag - it's soft, squishy and has that gorgeous leather smell that cheaper leather never captures. All this for a miniscule £69! Bargain-hunter Heaven, I tells ya! (just don't hate me for going 'inspired' instead of 'designer'.. my budget just can't take the real thing!)