Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marks & Spencer Make Good!

UK Fashionistas have been talking lately.. and it's in tones of surprise at the fabulous limited edition collections that have been cropping up at Marks and Spencer! Usually known for their dowdy, older-woman styles; they've been pulling out all the stops to capture a younger market, capped off with fun advertising campaigns featuring Erin O'Connor and Twiggy.

One of my favourite things about their range this season is the proliferation of fabulous hats! Everyone has a fashion era that they tend to lean towards, and mine has always been the 1930s-40s, when hats were de rigueur, and a lady would never leave the house without one atop her perfectly coiffed hair!

My favourite is this gorgeous grey beret, with sequin and beading detail. I loved it so much that I spent a week in London searching every M&S I passed, hoping that they had it in stock - to no avail - and ended up having to place a special order in my local M&S to get it! I'm a big fan of berets. They're simple, classic and a perfect way to top off a chic outfit.. and of course, the added sparkle appealed to my inner magpie! At £10, why wouldn't you?

Another that caught my eye was this stunning black sequin beret. It's not hitting stores until November, but I think I might pre-order it, because it would give a fantastic 20s twist to any outfit. If you're interested, it's available for £15 online!


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