Saturday, October 21, 2006

Grey Ribbed Leg / Arm Warmers from Matalan

Autumn is my favourite Season. I love the crispness of the air, the cool nights for snuggling, and the turning of the leaves. Spending a week driving through Ireland's mists, moors and gorgeous Autumnal colours has REALLY put me in the mood, so all my offerings today are going to be cosy ones :)

These lovely grey leg / arm warmers from Matalan are something that I have in my own wardrobe. They're a bit small as leg warmers, but happily make the most gorgeous arm warmers I've ever seen! The pretty ribbon detail makes them a bit special in my eyes (rather than looking like school-kid's knee socks!), and they have a cleaner look than some of the knitted arm warmers I've seen in the past which tend to pill. For £2 you really can't go wrong! I just wish my branch of Matalan stocked them in black as well! Then my life would be complete.. ;)


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