Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pleased as Punch!

Today was my first day as part of the blogging team at Shiny Media! I applied for a vacancy with the fabulous Shoewawa a few weeks ago, and although that role didn't come through (a missing blogger returned), I was offered a slightly different opportunity covering celebrity fashion for Shoewawa, The Bag Lady AND Catwalk Queen!!

I am VERY excited about this opportunity - although I must admit that I'm a little nervous. The Shiny team is stellar, very talented, and I can only hope that I'll measure up!

So far I've got one post up (being my first day and all), which you can view here. Over the next few weeks, you can also look forward to a series of 'Get Her Look' posts specifically for The Party Season! There's nothing I love more than glamming it up, and I can't wait to help other girls do the same!



At 5:54 pm, Anonymous Katherine said...

Welcome to the Shiny family, Erin! We're so pleased to have adopted you!

At 3:08 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Thanks Katherine!! :D

It's rather nice, this being adopted thing ;)


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