Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Grey Moment..

Well, it's stopped raining for more than five minutes - FINALLY - so I'm hoping to get back to my walking program (45mins a night) now that it's not too miserable to do so!

With the rain gone (for now), I thought I would take this opportunity to dream / talk about two of my favourite things: suede shoes and grey. Grey - oddly - is one of my favourite colours, and I'm so pleased with the grey revolution in fashion right now. I know it's not necessarily everyone's favourite trend.. but TOO BAD! *I* like it. Ahem.

What I love about these shoes is that in grey, suede looks ever so beautiful.. it gives it a depth that shiny crinkly grey things just can't do. It doesn't help, either, that these lovely heels have a pretty floral applique. My love of all things embroidered / floral of late has been well documented... and they're a reasonable £49.99 from Office's brand spanking new website! Did I mention that there's 20% off today, due to the website launch? If only you could wear suede in the rain without ruining it.. *sigh*


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