Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Dream Wedding Dress

Since getting engaged last April, I've found myself on low-level alert for all things wedding, even though I'm not going to be actively planning The Special Day until next year.

When we got engaged, though, I went a bit wedding mad, buying every planning book in sight, and scouring websites for dresses, hairstyles, table settings and sundries. I've picked up lots of great ideas that will be terribly helpful when it comes to purchasing things for the wedding and reception.. and I've even found the perfect dress.

Sadly, though, it's about $15,000USD more than I can afford, although I hope to find a decent replacement when I start seriously looking for a gown.

The designer of said dress is Claire Pettibone, and I have come to love many - if not all - of her designs. She loves using lace, and her gowns have a vintage 20s / 30s flavour of opulence and refined glamour - with a modern twist - that I find breathtaking. I particularly love that her styles would easily flatter a curvy girl like me.. and if it weren't for the price, the gorgeous Celeste would be hanging in my wardrobe right now.. *sigh*


At 9:49 pm, Anonymous Amber said...

It's absolutely gorgeous... I love lace on wedding dresses too: there's a certain Monique Lhuillier lace dress that haunts me

At 10:58 pm, Blogger Erin said...

You should check out the rest of Claire Pettibone's dresses. I had a squiz at her most recent gowns while putting that post together and saw about another five that could *almost* trump that one :)

I'm a sucker for lace. I just hope I can find a more affordable gown that will at least partly measure up to Celeste..

Amber - you're getting married soon, aren't you? (or am I confusing you with another shiny girl?) If so - have you chosen a dress?


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