Friday, November 24, 2006

A Smashing Outfit!

If you read my posts over on Catwalk Queen, then you'll have already read this. However, I am incredibly proud of this outfit, and spent literally six hours (maybe longer) putting it together, such is my love for The Famous Five. I've actually been re-reading the series, to keep my spirits up in this awful damp weather that's been persisting down (as they say).. and so I've decided to cross-post it here :)

Despite growing up in Australia, I was raised on the best of twee English author Enid Blyton's books, with a particular love of The Famous Five that continues to this day. With Isabelle's fabulous TV and book-inspired blogs over the past few weeks; coupled with Susie Bubble's recent Blyton musings, I've found myself hankering for a bit of jolly English adventure! Unfortunately, the unceasing rain, too cold to venture out in, has hampered my efforts; so I've channelled said longings into an outfit instead...

With any vintage-inspired Blyton outfit, the trick is to use classic British fabrics or patterns, such as tweed and houndstooth, coupled with plenty of knits and layers with some modern twists. Starting with a base of sensible merino wool tights in charcoal, £20 from My Tights, add cropped pants in a checked fabric, £30 from Miss Selfridge for a lovely twee look. To create some warmth, wear a charcoal, sueded, long-sleeve top, £12 from Dorothy Perkins; layered under a sheer houndstooth blouse, £35 from Topshop; and rounded off with a gold pointelle cardigan, £25 from Miss Selfridge. Cinch it all together with this gorgeous half-moon-buckle belt with tiger clasp, £12 from ASOS; and add a girly touch with this elegant vintage-inspired brooch, £10 from Dorothy Perkins. To round off the look, these classic, mary-jane styled flats in patent black add a quaint touch, £20 from Dorothy Perkins.

Of course, if you're going to be adventuring in this nasty weather, you're going to need something extra to keep you warm while you wander mysterious moors in search of adventure! This fantastic checked trench should keep out the cold, £75 from Miss Selfridge; and for a classic 1940s English look, team with this aubergine scarf (£10), knitted beret (£6) and long leather gloves (£20) - all from Dorothy Perkins. To complete your outfit, pack a generous picnic (big adventures mean big appetites), have a super time, and don't forget Timmy!



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