Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tamara Henriques Wellies and Rain Shoes

I've already blogged about these fabulous wellies over on Shoewawa, but I love them so much that I had to mention them here.

Considered the designer wellington boot, Tamara Henriques has created a diverse line of boots and shoes designed to keep your toes warm and dry - instead of my pet hate - damp and freeeeezing.

My favourites are the kitten heels and ballet flats (particularly in plaid and floral), and all of the boots are lined for warmth. They're definitely a great change from the green welly brigade style you see on avid gardeners; and they're more chic than the garish prints on the high street (which I'll admit to liking sometimes ;).

The kitten heels are quite dainty, and they'd be particularly fabulous for wearing on the way to work, so you're not sitting in soggy shoes all day. They're priced at around £50, but there aren't any stockists listed in Scotland, so I can't try them on to find out if they're as fabulous as they look! Guess it's going to be eBay all the way!


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