Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Heartily Good Day!

Yesterday, I had quite a marvellous time meeting a friend from the Blogosphere, who'd come all the way from Canada! I truly marvel at how small the world has become with the Internet, and am always quite pleased when my 'net and 'irl' worlds collide :)

Aaanyway, we spent the day wandering around Glasgow, making purchases - as Shopaholics tend to do - and picked up a few bargains along the way! I am the happy owner of some EXTREMELY cheap earrings (£1 for 3 pairs!) and a houndstooth necklace (£2) from Primark (they're even cheap in Aussie dollars!!), some ballet flats (more vengeance shoe purchases, care of Office) and some bits and pieces to jazz up some outfits (a brooch, a bracelet). All in all, I didn't spend that much money, but I like to update my style with inexpensive accessories and shoes which are less expensive than buying a whole new wardrobe. I also - rather happily - got to use a 20% off voucher at New Look, passed on by another Shiny Forumite, Jemstar :)
On the way home, we stopped in to the cinema and caught Casino Royale, and I must say - I was impressed. I liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond, for sure, but Daniel Craig was great! Not so many gadgets, and lots more action, more fluid.. I'm not sure all Bond fans will love it, but for me - I liked that it was more raw, more real - much less staged and cartoonish. I've rewatched a couple of the other Bond films in the last few weeks, so Pierce is fresh in my mind.. and (gulp) I've decided I prefer Daniel Craig! (don't kill me! go see it, instead!)
And to cap off the day, my elusive shoes from Office arrived! (I actually had begun to believe that they never would). Three of the four fit a charm, and one's a little tight on the toes, but should be able to stretch it out a little at the cobbler's, but we'll see.. might return 'em instead.


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