Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today I Love... Matalan! (and ASOS)

Ah, Matalan. You may be hit and miss a lot of the time, but yesterday you won the house cup! After all my troubles with Office, I needed some retail therapy without the troubles, so Dave drove me to Matalan to have a look around.. and boy, did Matalan come through! I picked up a lovely Missoni-esque scarf in pink tones for £5, some lovely leopard print ballet flats for £8 (and they're slightly furry! cute!), and TWO (yes, two!) bargain pairs of jeans. I have SO much trouble finding jeans that a) fit and b) actually look halfway decent, and I found TWO! The last pair of jeans I bought in December 2005.. and I've been on the lookout since, so I'm pretty chuffed. One's a black pair with diamante detailing on the back pockets, and another in grey-blue also with diamante details (what can I say, I love sparkly stuff!). They were a bargain £12 and £16 each, and I couldn't be happier!

As for loving ASOS - they (and I) have been having a 'wings' moment of late. Birds, angels, scary bodiless wings - you name it, they got it! So I thought I'd post a couple of my favourite picks for you here! The first, above, is a lovely pearlised bead and diamante wing bracelet by a new brand ASOS have picked up - Mikey. It's quite dainty, and at £20, it's not too bad a price!

Also funky - but not so nice a price, sadly - is this colourful 'bird necklace' by N2 By Les Nereides. This necklace isn't something that I would usually go for, but I think it would make a fabulous accessory for beach-wearing.. or just for brightening up a winter's outfit! And it's shiny.. and I wants it, preciousssss.. if you're rolling it in, it's yours for £75.

Last, but not least, is this lovely sparkly, shiny, beautiful, holy mackerel do I want to add it to my wardrobe scarf! Ok, so it's not the be-all and end-all of scarves, but the wings SHIMMER and SHINE! Oooh, if that's not spicing up a plain scarf, I don't know what is!! I'll be keeping an eye on this baby, in the hope that there's some kind of random price drop along the way. I'm always cold, so warm things like scarves and socks and hats are favourites now that the mercury's dropping. If you love it as much as I (rather obviously) do - it's yours for £20!


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