Monday, November 20, 2006

M&S Win the House Cup!

Seriously. How YOWZA! is this dress? I came across it while putting together a party outfit for under £100 for Catwalk Queen, and my jaw just dropped. It's not cheap at £79, but it's not a bad price compared with similar dresses at places like Wallis and Monsoon. And it's from M&S. M&S!

They are doing some seriously amazing work with their recent lines. Whoever's behind it is genius, and if sales were flagging a few years back, I doubt that they are now. Even their ads are getting better - I've loved the series of ads starring Erin O'Connor and Twiggie, particularly their most recent 'Bond' one. They're inspired.

I want this dress oh-so-much. Here's hoping I've a lotto win coming to me :D


At 12:09 pm, Anonymous Gemma said...

I've been swooning over that too. It's probably a good thing I have no occasion to wear it since it's so pricey, but wow, gorgeous!


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