Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Winter's Gig...

When one of the girls over at the lovely Shiny Fashion Forums asked for some advice about an outfit to wear to a gig this December (in the c-c-cold), my mind went into Get Her Look mode, and I decided to put together a budget(ish) look from one of my high street faves, Dorothy Perkins!

Julia's specific requirements were that the outfit would keep her warm; that it would give her some height (she's a shortie); and that there'd be sufficient storage for her camera, mobile, chupa chups (omg, so cute) and her telephone number (to throw to the band ;). I scoured DP's website to put together a look for £150 or less, and came up with this number!

In terms of my reasoning behind the outfit..

It's simple to wear, but has a quirky rock-ette edge with the studded belt, diamante 'Rock Nation' t-shirt and the cute button-detailed scarf and gloves. The wool coat would be enough to keep her warm, it's in a classic shape that won't date, and would be easily removed once inside the venue. The lovely ankle boots would add a bit of height - but not so much as to foster sore feet - and the straight-leg jeans would tuck nicely into the boot for toasty toes. I added a beret for warmth (and because I just love berets), and a functional yet glam little cross-the-body bag for all her bits and pieces.

The unfortunate side-effect of said outfit?

Now *I* want it! :):):)


At 10:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a totally cute outfit! Now I want it to! Another shoe with an edge that I found is a shearling Miu Miu ankle boot!
I think that also has a rocker edge to it, that is perfect for the season and outfit!

At 3:16 am, Blogger Erin said...

That one'd work nicely too! (but I'm still way too enamoured with that gorgeous grey one to change it ;)


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