Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hill-Walking + Erins = Owies

Oh, how I wish I'd had these on my feet this afternoon. Sadly, my normal walking shoes didn't do me much good. Let's just say the score's Scottish Hills 1, Erins 0.

Now, hills in Australia aren't that hard to climb. Most of the ground is hard, from years of heat; they're not terribly rocky; and if there's a hill, there's usually a decent path to walk on. Scottish hills, on the other hand, consist of many rocks, a lot of mud slapped on top, lots of weird squidgy grasses, reeds, a few ickyicky slugs, and a LOT of water.

When Dave suggested we go for a walk, I thought he meant on a path / road, so I was up for it.. but then he sneakily threw in the 'oh, there's a pile of stones over that (HUGE) hill that I really want to photograph', and Erin - silly, silly Erin - thought she could take the hill. After puffing and panting up the 50 degree slope, I was feeling pretty proud.. Heck! I even made it to the other side of the hill! The OTHER side! Oh, yes.. despite the intermittent rain, gusty breeze and sludgy ground, I DID IT!

Unfortunately, that was only the half of it. You see, when you walk up a hill, you also have to walk DOWN again. After an hour of walking, I was starting to feel a bit tired and sick of hills, so to buoy my mood, I started singing a nonsense song about walking (I sing a lot of nonsense songs.. very 'whistle while you work'). Of course, while singing , I was still walking, and although multitasking is great skill when you're at work.. it's not such a good idea when it comes to Scottish hills.

To cut a long story slightly less long, this little Erin went arse-over-tit (as the saying goes) down the hill, landing awkwardly in a small stream! Wet, rather angry, and swearing never to walk a Scottish hill again, she limped sadly home, and now REALLY hurts. Everywhere. No joke.

Lesson learned, oh God of Scottish Hills. Don't go walking there unless you're a super-hero, or you have a pair of these!


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