Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's Your Era?

I think that everyone has an era that they identify with on a fashion level (and a personal level), and for me, it has always been the 30s / early 40s. In terms of fashion, it began as an era of sleek glamour, big bands, whimsy, eccentricity and romance - and ended as an era of practicality and strength. I'm also drawn to that era historically, as well - there's something about the war effort in WWII, the Blitz, the rage against the dying light and the 'mateship' that has become part and parcel of the Australian way.

One of my favourite films in recent years was Mrs Henderson Presents - a Judi Dench film about London's Blitz and one woman's plight to provide adult entertainment for demoralised troops. It was from there that my interest in shoe styles of that era was re-ignited, and so, I thought that I'd share some of my favourite shoes with you here.

There's been a real trend towards the 'dance shoe' style of late, and I rather love this suede and matte leather version from Office (above) - aptly named 'Tilly' - for £40 (not a bad price, either!). It would also fit nicely with the current 60s trend, because I think it would look particularly lovely with tights and a shift dress.

Another pair of shoes that caught my eye were these striking dark green 'birds nest' shoe-boots - also from Office, for £59.99. This shoe has more of a 40s vibe to it - it's a little more utilitarian, less glitzy, less adorned, but still beautiful. I'm crossing my fingers it gets reduced in a sale...

This pair of leather ribbon-tie 'dance shoes' have been on my wish list for a while now. I can imagine teaming them with a pencil skirt and fitted, ruffled blouse for some old-world glamour (just add red lippy!). They're a very reasonable £35.. and maybe, just maybe if they're reduced in the ASOS Christmas clearance, I can buy them in very early 2007, thus not breaking my non-shoe-buying vow ;)

(Though, that said, Office are still stuffing around with my order - and I'm NOT impressed!! So if they don't arrive soon, my vow may well be null and void!!!)


At 8:54 am, Blogger shoegal said...

Hi Erin
Is it the pompom peep toes you ordered? I emailed to chase up mine and have just had a reply back saying they are out of stock and they won't be geting any more in. Nice of them to tell me that without me having to chase them!

At 12:13 pm, Blogger marinamode said...

I love this blog !!!
Take a look to my shoes...
Marina (from France)

At 3:35 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Fi - I'm SO INCREDIBLY unimpressed with Office right now. I've called them (long distance, grr!) twice now.. the first time was because it was six days and I'd heard nothing and figured something was wrong - they said 'no, system seems fine, blah blah blah'. The second time was in response to an email they sent saying that they had to verify my address - my billing address is overseas, so they had to cancel my order and put it thru on my partner's card.. and it's supposed to be here, but they've not even charged him yet. I'm so pissed at them that I may well cancel my entire order and then go ape on their ass!

Oooh, see! Keep my shoes from me, and I get ANGRY!


(I ordered the purple pom poms, the electric blue pumps, the houndstooth dolly shoes and tartan dolly shoes)

At 3:36 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Marina - glad you like my blog :)


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