Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sugar, Sugar (Boots).. Honey, Honey..

Sometimes it feels like I'm always a few minutes (or years) too late. Today, I was poking about the Shoewawa archives checking that some shoes I want to blog about weren't already there, when I stumbled upon these rather cool 'Origami' boots, by a US company called Sugar. I absolutely love my cosy Uggs - I don't care how many people hate them, I'm an Aussie, and I'm allowed to love them! - but these were a stunning step up in looks. And they're a darn sight cheaper, too!! (Uggs £150, Sugar £40ish).

Unfortunately, being about a year late, I've not yet found any stock available in the UK. There are US stockists who might well have stock, but of course they don't ship internationally, so that boat's sailed.

Fortunately, unfortunately - in my internet travels, I've just stumbled upon these scrummy 'Morigami' boots (More-origami, they're taller, see!) for $78.95 , and they're an even prettier print! The only thing is that as a short, curvy girl, they'd probably swamp me completely, transforming my hourglass figure into a big blob on legs. In the immortal words of the Toyota dog: "Bugger."

Finally, sealing the lid on my shoe coffin (undoubtedly my death will be shoe-related, so it's fitting), I found these houndstooth boots for $73.95. You know I'm addicted to houndstooth, don't you, Sugar? Well, you're a big bunch of meanies! Yes, you! Oh, but fear not - I still love you and want to fill my shoe rack with your boots. Sigh.

Shoe addicts just can't win.

(Oh, and let's not forget my vow of no more 2006 shoe purchases!)


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