Friday, November 10, 2006

A Little Black Rain Cloud...

I've been feeling vaguely unsettled for a few days. I'm not really sure what it is, but there's this anxiety and uncertainty resting upon my shoulders that I can't seem to shake.

There's a lot going on just now. I'm spending a lot of time working on my blogs for Shiny (I'm a perfectionist, can't help it!).. I have friends and family in troubling situations.. My bank account is in the worst state it's been in for a few years.. I got my first lightly snerky comment on Shiny, and it's bothered me more than I like to admit.. We partially buggered up Dave's visa application.. I'm waiting to hear about a full-time job.. Office totally screwed up my order and have only fixed it today (took 9 days)..

Yes, shoes always come into it.

I suppose all of that negative stuff has been building up, and when I write it all down there's a lot more going on that I realised. It just sucks that I can't shake that icky feeling. I've really been enjoying things of late - FINALLY started to like being in this country (yes, it took 10 months, shuddup) - so I'm feeling a bit pissed off about this 'blergh', frankly! I'm not sure what I can do. Eat more vegies, drink less caffeine, do all those happy mental exercises and breathing strategies that I would give to my counselling clients. Isn't it funny.. my career is based on helping people to get through their problems - but it always seems so difficult to do the same with my own!

I suppose that's the paradox - isn't it. When it's YOUR problem, it's harder to deal with, because you're a part of the problem.. and it's not really a BIG problem, I'll admit.. it's nothing like some of the things I've gotten through in this ol' life of mine. But the thing is - I just want this little black rain cloud that's hanging about to leave! I'm sick of the rain! Bugger off!!

(and.. wow! Almost a completely non-shoe-related post! My apologies to all shoe-lovers out there.. I'm sure you'll cope with one shoe-less day! (God, will you, though? Mmmshoes, the elixir of life..)

hovering under the honey tree.
Only a little black rain cloud,
pay no attention to little me!
Everyone knows that a rain cloud,
never eats honey, no, not a nip.
I'm just floating around over the ground,
wondering where I will drip.


At 5:51 am, Blogger The Glitterati said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot to read blogs for a few days, and I miss so much! First, Happy Happy Happy Happy Happiest of Belated Birthdays! I'm sorry my felicitations were not more timely, but I hope you had a marvelous time.

Cuh-razy fact: The Little Mermaid & Beauty & the Beast are probably also my top 2 Disney movies, TLM especially! So noble, that Ariel.

And I'm sorry to hear that you've been having some murky times...seems like a common affliction around the blogosphere. Pay no attention to the snarky commenters... (I know, easier said than done...) it *is* the internet, after all. Immature 14 year olds & bitter whingy people are bound to surface. Laugh and throw mental cheetos at them!

Counsellor, heal thyself! Hope you feel better soon!

At 11:49 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Thanks for the cheer-up :) I'm feeling a fair bit more chirpy this weekend.. guess you gotta go through the downs to notice the ups, eh?

Plus - I still can't believe that I'm meeting my blogosphere friend from Canada in a week ;) All because we both love Benji! The world is *too* bizarre :))) I'm having fun thinking up all the great shops to take you to, as well ;) Ooh - definitely Primark! (have you heard of Primark, the land of bargains??)

By the way - SYTYCD is airing on Living TV here starting tomorrow, so I'm "forcing" my boy to watch the series!! (and by forcing, I mean that I've talked about how brilliant it is that he now wants to watch it too! :):)

(Sundays, 6pm, in case *your* boy has cable tv :D)

At 11:20 pm, Anonymous emmao414 shiny forumite! said...

Hey Erin,

Ignore the comments on the blogs, one sad lonely person cannot dampen the fact that your blogging on SHINY!!!!! I'm so envious of you!

And hey, you helped cheer me up on my 'bad day' on the forums, so here I am, sending subliminal pics of gorgeous shoes your way, to brighten your day lol!

At 7:45 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Aww, thanks Emma :) You're one of my favourites on the forums.. cos you have awesome shoes!! *ggg*

Gotta appreciate other shoe-loving women, I say!



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